Moodie, Major James 

Moodie, Major James

Male 1757 - 1820

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Nicolson, *Unknown* Male
Moodie, Jessie (Janet) Female
Nicolson, Major Malcolm Male
Moodie, Benjamin Male
Heming, Dorothea Maria Female
New chart
Moodie, Thomas Esq Male
Moodie, Donald Montgomery Male
Haddon, Emma Female
New chart
Moodie, Harriet Susan Female
Bucknall, William Male
New chart
Moodie, Margery Hester Female
Coleman, Edmund Francis Male
New chart
Moodie, Susan Jacoba Levina Female
van Reenan, Johannes Nicolas Roussouw Male
New chart
Moodie, Janet Elizabeth Female
Henning, Gert Franz Johannes Male
New chart
Moodie, Hester Margaret Helen Female
van Zyl, Piet Daniel Male
New chart
Moodie, John Benjamin Male
Brown, Margaret Agnes Female
New chart
Moodie, Malcolm Male
Moodie, Sarah Maria Cornelia Female
Badenhorst, Casper Hendrik Male
New chart
Moodie, James Male
van Zyl, Sara Maria Johanna Female
Moodie, Thomas of Westfield Male
Moodie, Donald of Groot Vaders Bosch Male
Moodie, Malcolm of Westfield Male
Moodie, Henrietta Female
Marshall, Rudolph Male
Moodie, Isabella Female
Guthrie, James Baillie Male
Lovemore, Alfred Charles Male
Holland, Mabel Sothern Female
New chart
Lovemore, Jessie Maria Female
Allen, Charles Lewis Reece Male
New chart
Lovemore, Walter Edward Male
Lovemore, William Bayley Male
Raw, Constance Mary Female
New chart
Lovemore, Charles Benjamin Male
Southey, Elizabeth Mabel Female
New chart
Lovemore, Harry Carrington Male
Bowness, Annie Female
Lovemore, Florine Sophia Female
Blackman, Alfred Charles Macnaughten Male
New chart
Lovemore, Hector Livingstone Male
Helm, Jessie Female
New chart
Lovemore, Mary Constance Female
Cripps, Lionel Male
New chart
Lovemore, Ina Annie Isabella Female
Kitching, Reverend Bertie Lefroy Walton Male
New chart
Lovemore, Sinclair Moodie Male
Lovemore, Maude Carrington Female
Moodie, Margery Female
Lovemore, Charles Male
Cox, Captain Charles Edward Male
Whitehead, Edith Female
New chart
Cox, Constance Female
Wimble, Flemming Skelton Male
New chart
Cox, Isabel Female
Moodie, Janet Female
Cox, Charles Bayly Male
Moodie, Captain Benjamin Male
Malcomson, Margaret Female
Barnett, Susan Female
Moodie, Lieutenant Thomas Male
Heddle, John George Moodie Male
Aaronson, Rebecca Female
New chart
Sutherland, Helen Swanson Female
Heddle, Harriet Traill Female
Attwood, Henry Sydney Male
New chart
Heddle, Robert William Male
Heddle, Charles Traill Male
Heddle, Mary "Minnie" Female
Moodie, William James Dunbar Male
Heddle, Alexander Dunbar Male
Heddle, Emmeline Female
Heddle, James Moodie Male
Heddle, Ellen Female
Heddle, William Male
Heddle, William Traill Male
Frisby, Kate Female
New chart
Heddle, Forster Male
Traill, Amelia Heddle "Millie" Female
New chart
Heddle, Howard Allen Moodie Male
Burford, Helena Female
New chart
Heddle, Stillborn
Heddle, John George Male
Traill, Mary Female
Heddle, James Alexander Male
Traill, Henrietta Anna Female
Skae, Dr. Frederick Male
Traill, William Henry "Harry" Male
Lewis, Jessie Female
New chart
Lewis, Agnes Female
New chart
Heddle, Elizabeth Dunbar "Eliza" Female
Traill, John Heddle Male
Traill, Henrietta Female
Traill, Eliza Wilhelmina Female
Traill, Robert Henry Male
Bazire, Clementine Rose "Rosa" Female
New chart
Traill, Frederick Male
Emms, Sarah Jane Female
New chart
Traill, Walter Male
Traill, Arthur William Male
Wöhlers, Gretchen "Kerekini" Female
New chart
Traill, Edwin Male
Traill, Rosa Female
MacDonald, Rev. Roderick Nicholson Male
Heddle, Henrietta Moodie "Etta" Female
Traill, William Of Westness and Woodwick Male
Heddle, Elizabeth Female
Heddle, James Alexander Male
Heddle, Robert Male
Duguid, Jane Female
Heddle, Mary Wallace Female
Heddle, Clementina Christian Sinclair Female
Thoms, Alexander Male
Heddle, Robert Mackechnie Male
Kramer, Katherine Female
Heddle, Ethel Forster Female
Marshall, William Male
New chart
Heddle, Forster Male
Heddle, David Greenhill Male
Heddle, Cecilia Dudgeon Female
Thomson, William Westgarth Male
New chart
Heddle, Matilda Moodie "Tillie" Female
Johnston, Thomas Evans Male
New chart
Heddle, Stuart Sutherland Dunbar Male
Berry, Ellen Female
New chart
Heddle, Catherine Mudie Lindesay "Katie" Female
Heddle, Matthew Forster Male
Mackechnie, Mary Jane Sinclair Female
Heddle, Mary Bury Female
Heddle, Mary Bury Female
Moodie, Henrietta Female
Heddle, Robert Male
Moodie, William James Dunbar Male
Meek, Clarissa Female
Heddle, Mary "Minnie" Female
Moodie, Captain Donald Male
Pigot, Eliza Sophia Female
Vickers, Georgina Eliza Female
Leacock, Edward Phillip Male
Vickers, John Alexander Dunbar "Jack" Male
Tench, Ellen Florence Female
New chart
Vickers, Katie Moodie Female
McMurrich, James Playfair Male
New chart
Vickers, William Wallbridge Male
Howland, Mary May Female
New chart
Vickers, Isabel Josephine Female
Vickers, Victor Gilmore Ridgeway Male
Vickers, Ethel Rosina Female
Vickers, Henrietta Moodie Female
Vickers, Arthur Algoma Male
Vickers, Agnes Strickland Female
Moodie, Catherine Mary Josephine Female
Vickers, John Joseph Male
FitzGibbon, Mary Agnes "Maime" Female
FitzGibbon, James Gerald Male
Sutherland, Kate Female
New chart
FitzGibbon, Geraldine "Cherrie" Female
Moodie, Douglas Male
New chart
FitzGibbon, Eliza Dunbar Female
FitzGibbon, Charlotte Alice Female
Dunn, Charles Male
New chart
FitzGibbon, Katie Female
FitzGibbon, John Wedderburn Dunbar Male
FitzGibbon, William Winder Male
Moodie, Agnes Dunbar Female
FitzGibbon, Charles Thomas Male
Chamberlin, Agnes Gertrude Mary Female
Badgley, Charles Wentworth Male
Chamberlin, Colonel Brown Male
Moodie, Agnes Strickland Dunbar Female
Moodie, Robert Russell Male
Moodie, Elizabeth Dunbar Female
Moodie, Janet Ethel Female
Moodie, Alice Dunbar Female
Moodie, Clutha Roberta Female
Moodie, Elsie Helen Female
Moodie, John Alexander Dunbar Male
Russell, Elizabeth Roberta "Eliza" Female
Moodie, Daniel Edward Prodhead Male
Moodie, Walter Brewster Male
Moodie, Charlotte Peachy Female
Moodie, Julia Edith Strickland Female
Moodie, Donald Male
Russell, Julia Anne Female
Moodie, John Strickland Male
Moodie, George Arthur Male
Moodie, Bessie Perry Female
Lockyer, Charles Douglas Male
Moodie, Nellie Female
Moodie, John Wedderburn Dunbar Male
Moodie, Thomas Edward Strickland Male
Moodie, Esther Alice Female
Moodie, Susanna Female
Moodie, Catherine Agnes Female
Friend, Herbert Male
Moodie, Robert Baldwin Male
Russell, Sarah Ellen "Nellie" Female
Moodie, John Wedderburn Dunbar Male
Strickland, Susanna Female
Moodie, Major James Male
Dunbar, Elizabeth Female
Moodie, Lieutenant James Male
Taylor, Elizabeth Female

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