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51 According to The Moodie Book, Lovodick was the last Heritable Sheriff of Moray. Dunbar, Lovodick of Westfield
52 SIR WILLIAM DUNBAR, who was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1698, was a man of considerable ability and local influence. In 1691 he purchased the lands of Telstane, and changed the name to Hempriggs. He also purchased Old Wick and other lands on the south side of the water of Wick; and in 1699 he acquired the Ackergill estates, which formerly formed a barony held by the Keiths, Earls Marischal. He also acquired the lands of Wick, Papego, South and North Kilmsters, and Miln of Wenless, which before 1591 were held by the Earl of Sutherland off the Bishop of Caithness and then of the Crown, and were in that year resigned by the Earl in favour of the Earl of Caithness. He held a commission from the Earl of Breadalbane as Sheriff and Justiciar of Caithness. He married his second cousin, Margaret, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron, by whom he had a son and a daughter. Dunbar, Sir William
53 William was his father's 5th son. Dunbar, William of Struthers
54 Jane is the authors of the memoire "Confessions of a Rattlepate". For more, see Sources. Evatt, Jane
55 Isabel, daughter of William Fea of milnfield.

Made Burgess of Kirkwall, by order of Council, 28 Sept 1706 
Fea, Isabel
56 William Fea of Milnfield Fea, William
57 War hero in the war of 1812. FitzGibbon, Col. James
58 Author of "A Veteran of 1812", an account of her grandfather Col. FitzGibbon FitzGibbon, Mary Agnes "Maime"
59 Rev. Flood performed some of the marriages in Reid's Marriage Notices of Ontario 1813-1854. Flood, Reverend Richard
60 Her 1901 census report indicates that she immigrated in 1885, so I'm guessing that Kate and William met and married in BC. Frisby, Kate
61 Balwant was a famous playwrite in India.

Obituary from his friend: Gursharan Singh, an eminent playwright and was Gargi's friend for 60 years

The elusive Gargi
He courted change and controversy equally

Balwant Gargi was a friend in Lahore before Partition. By the time India became independent, he was a prolific writer and a recognisable name. But his story started far earlier. In 1914, I.C. Nanda's play, Suhag was staged, marking the beginning of the era of modern Punjabi theatre. Between Nanda and Gargi, Punjabi theatre travelled to where it is today.
Gargi's imprint was his crisp and meaningful dialogues, scripted in Malwa's hinterland dialect. He was a product of the Progressive Writers' Movement of the forties, when Amrita Pritam, Prof Mohan Singh, Sant Singh Sekhon and others like them were at their prime. His most famous plays, Loha Kut, Kanak di Balli, Kesro, and Kuari Teesee, were all written in those years, as was the novel, Kakka Reta. Gargi's childhood memories live in these works. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, they populated his pages.
Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari founded Preet Nagar, between Lahore and Amritsar, and Gargi-like me and many of my generation-was shaped by the development. It was an era of idealism. Social justice, women's plight and related issues were the favoured topics. Loha Kut slammed male chauvinism and when the repressed wife runs away with the heartthrob of her youth, after her daughter did likewise, the blacksmith husband hits the hot iron with vigour, but without emotion. Words will always fail to describe what Gargi was able to say on stage. Kanak di Balli made history. It gave Gargi great satisfaction when Balraj Sahni acted in it just months before his death in April 1972. The Press in Bombay hailed it as comparable to the best that Marathi and Gujarati theatre had to offer.
If 27, Curzon Road, New Delhi, turned out to be an address of pilgrimage, Gargi's personality was responsible for it. Only a single room, with a tree in the courtyard, it was able to attract even Pablo Neruda. When Ibrahim Alkazi was ruling the National School of Drama, Gargi set the standard with Razia Sultana, a strong statement on women's empowerment. His years at the Panjab University's Indian Theatre Department, which he founded, were also decisive. Who can forget the Chalk Circle, Little Clay Cart or Mirza Sahiban? Gurcharan Channi, Anupam Kher, Rani Balbir and many other illustrious names in the world of film, TV and theatre were associated with his productions. The TV serial, Sanjah Chulha was acclaimed as one of the best productions ever, and the son-et-lumiere show, Gagan ka Thal, hailed as a milestone in the genre.
Gargi tasted high controversy with his novel, The Naked Triangle, a bold statement about changing values and human relationships. And by spawning the genre of rekha chitars (pen sketches), titled Nimm De Patte, Surme Wali Aakh, and so on, he made many enemies and more friends.
The true Gargi will always remain elusive. He once told me that he was neither idealistic nor emotional. ''I can spend a night with a prostitute and write about women's lib the next day. Can you do that?'' he once asked me.
Who can forget such a man? Truly, a pillar has fallen. 
Gargi, Balwant
62 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
63 Minister of Wick from 1659 to 1675. Geddes, William
64 According to Martin Traill, might have been born 1894 not 1884, as she was said to be 66 in 1960. Gill, Evelyn
65 Patrick Graham of Grahamshall Graham, Patrick
66 drowned Grasett, William Foster
67 Her birth certificate clearly says Sydney, but she is listed as Amber in the 1911 census when she was 17. Green, Sydney "Amber"
68 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
69 Emma was James' second daughter, according to the Traills of Orkney book. Harvey, Emma
70 Sarah Ellen was James' fourth daughter, according to the Traills of Orkney book. Harvey, Sarah Ellen
71 This is a second Alexander, they had two, according to Joan Heddle. Here is her description:

ALEXANDER (second of the name) was born at Kirkwall on 5th July, 1789. He enlisted as an Ensign in the Royal York Rangers (later absorbed into the African Corps) on 4 May 1809 and served in Goree and Guernsey. When Goree was ceded back to france in 1817 some of the Royal African Corps were transferred to Cape Town and Alexander, a Lieutenant since 1813, went to Grahamstown, on of the military stations near the cape. Here he settled, married and had a large family, and became a close friend of Donald Moodie, a brother of his sister-in-law, Henrietta Moodie, who became Colonial Secretary for Natal and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. 
Heddle, Lieut. Alexander
72 Or is her name Alexandra Esther Heddle Bruce? Heddle, Alexandra Esther
73 (Dad - I need your full-page write-up here. I forgot that it was in the book I returned to you.)

Charles was born at Melsetter in the Orkney Islands, and immigrated to Canada to start a wool business. He travelled for his business, and was living in Topeka Kansas at the time of his wedding in 1905, and the birth of his first child Muriel in 1906. By 1909 he was living in St. Hyacynthe, Quebec, when Dunbar was born. He eventually moved to Oakville, where he lived the rest of his life. 
Heddle, Charles Alexander Dunbar Moodie
74 "Heddle's Farm" is now a historic site in Sierra Leone. See:

From that link:
This was the site of a house, which commanded a fine view over Freetown. It is found on the old Leicester Road and dates from 1820. This was a prominent residence, which is now in ruins. It belonged to several notable citizens before passing finally in 1859 to the Hon. Charles Heddle, a leading businessman and pioneer in the groundnut trade. Until it was abandoned, it was in turn a private residence; the country residence of the Governor; a convalescent home; the home of some Commissary Judges (Mrs. Melville, who was the wife of one of the judges, wrote " A Residence at Sierra Leone"). Heddle sold it to the Government and it was last used as the Residence of the Comptroller of Forestry, when the extensive gardens were maintained by the Forestry Department. Sometime between 1962 and 1966, Heddles Farm became part of the Botanical Gardens of Fourah Bay College. 
Heddle, Charles William Maxwell
75 Birth date is from a family birthday book in possession of Hamish Johnston. Heddle, Clementina Christian Sinclair
76 I am wondering if her birth was 1867 instead of 1862, due to the census age given. Heddle, Ethel Forster
77 George's sister recalls that he was a private in WWII. Heddle, George Forster
78 Joan Heddle's research indicates that he went to Singapore to work for Eastern Extension Telegraph and died there. The date of death, 25 Sep 1876, coincides with the book History of the Mackenzies. Heddle, James Alexander
79 This is Joan Heddle who did the research for the source "Personal - Joan Heddle research" Heddle, Joan Mary Hope Traill
80 I think he was buried in St. Magnus Cathedral Heddle, John Of Cletts And Ronaldsay
81 Possible death in on Jan 30 1837 in Walls, Orkney, of influenza - Walls death records indicate this at

May possibly have been married 26 May 1792, seems like the right time, but no bride listed. 
Heddle, John Of Cletts And Ronaldsay
82 This is a record keeping problem on my part. I have 4 Apr 1971 as a death date for John; however, i don't have a source associated with that. Heddle, John Forster Moodie
83 Died in a shooting accident. Heddle, John George
84 Died in a shooting accident Heddle, John George Moodie
85 A wonderful description of his life and works was written by Peter Dryburgh, President of the Edinburgh Geological Society, for The Edinburgh Geologist periodical #39, Autumn 2002. Available online here:

A description of him can be found in his Obituary in the Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, Vol XIV, 1897-1901, published 1902. Available online at:,M1

Matthew has a wikipedia page: 
Heddle, Matthew Forster
86 Joan Heddle's research says that he was born 29 Aug 1875 Heddle, Robert Cospatrick Dunbar Moodie
87 I am pretty sure the marriage is this one from freebmd:

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Marriages Dec 1890 (>99%)

Heddle Robert Mackechnie Islington 1b 706 
Heddle, Robert Mackechnie
88 Shelagh was born with the name "Shiela" but changed it legally to "Shelagh" which she felt was the true gaelic spelling, and was quite upset whenever it was spelled the wrong way. Heddle, Shelagh Moodie
89 Born about 1860 or 1861 - typo in the source. Heddle, William
90 Joan's research is that he emigrated to canada and became an apple farmer in the Okanagan valley, B.C. The 1901 census says that he immigrated in 1884.

His 1901 census entry says that he was born 26 Apr 1863; his 1911 census entry says that he was born Apr 1864. Perhaps he wanted to feel younger? 
Heddle, William Traill
91 It seems very likely that this name should Henning rather than Heming, but I'm leaving it the same as Ruvigny wrote, for now. See the note for her father. Heming, Dorothea Maria
92 It seems astonishing that there could be a Martinus Christoffel Heming at the same time as there is a Martinus Christoffel Henning at roughly the same time and place. It seems very likely that this person is the same as Martinus Christoffel Henning (person 3634) but for now, until I can confirm, I'm leaving it the way Ruvigny did. Heming, Martinus Christoffel
93 Jack died in a spectacular fashion, by slamming into the Bellevue Square mall in his car. It was determined that he had had a massive heart attack and was dead before the car hit the mall.

Jack and Jean loved each other in the most complete manner, and she was completely heartbroken for the rest of her life after Jack died. Tears would come to her eyes years later, at any reminder of Jack. 
Henry, John Frazier ("Jack")
94 Died in World War I. Hilliard, Geoffrey Crosier
95 A brief mention of him at this book: History of Bowdoin College: Hilliard, John Heddle
96 Brief mention of him here: History of Bowdoin College:,M1 Hilliard, William Tyng
97 Harry died of colon cancer. Holdsworth, Harry Archibald
98 Harry's birthday is recorded as Sept 23 1879 on his death record, but I decided to accept the 24th as written on his birth record.

Harry's mother is given as Hannah McTaggart on his death record, but I think his son Fred (who reported it) must have gotten his grandmothers backwards. 
Holdsworth, Harry Archibald
99 Catherine has a page at the Dictionary of Canadian Biography: Hume, Catherine Honoria
100 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living

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